WUSA Toughest High School Tournaments in the Nation

Toughest Tournaments in the Nation Notice
By Al Fontes

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The upcoming 2002-03 season marks the fourth annual Toughest High School Tournaments in the Nation article and list of elite level competitions throughout the nation. Since the start of this feature, the Reno Tournament of Champions and Beast of the East have been the premeir events in the land. Each showcase several of the top teams and individual talent in the nation. More recently, the Iron Man Invitational in Ohio is ermeging back on the scene, as well as the California "BARN BURNER", the Five Counties Invitational in SoCal, which has been at the top of the list since the start.

I am in the process of compiling the top tournaments for this season. If there is an elite level (with state and national caliber) in your state, please send me the following statistics. My goal is to have this complete before September 10. Your help and information is well appreciated.

-Teams and individuals ranked nationally
-State ranked teams and individuals
-Number of state placers
-Senior National High School All-Americans
-Cadet & Jr. All-Americans

The following is an example:

Five Counties Invitational

At Fountain Valley High School, Huntington Beach, Ca.

"The Toughest Tournament in California"
Ranked #3 in the Nation by Wrestling USA Magazine

Top teams at Five Counties

Calvary Chapel (Southern Section) *State Champions
Bakersfield (Central Section) *2nd. State
Rancho Buena Vista (San Diego Section) *3rd. State
Poway (San Diego Section) *4th. State
Clovis (Central Section) *5th. State
Temecula Valley (Southern Section) *6th. State
Buchanan (Central Section) *7th. State
Madera (Central Section) *9th. State
James Logan (North Coast Section) *10th. State


-Kenneth Cook (American, NC): Cadet All-American, Jr. Nat'l Champion, 3X All-American
-Ryan Halsey (Rancho Buena Vista, SD): Cadet & Jr. National Champ, 2X Cadet AA, 3X Jr. AA
-Nick Leon (Rancho Buena Vista, SD): 4X Cadet All-American
-Joe Streu (Silver Creek, CC): Cadet National Champion, 3X Cadet All-American
-Chad Espinoza (Wooster, Nevada): Cadet National Champion
-Darrell Vasquez (Bakersfield, C): FILA Cadet All-American, 2X Jr. All-American
-Nathan Morgan (Bakersfield, C): Cadet National Champion, 2X Cadet All-American
-Dustin Tillman (American, NC): Cadet, 2X Jr. All-American
-Willie Parks (Calvary Chapel, S): Junior All-American
-Miguel Gutierrez (Foothill-Bakersfield, C): 2X Cadet All-American
-Juan Mora (Rancho Buena Vista, SD): 2X Cadet All-American
-Christian Bowerman (Liberty-Brentwood, NC): 2X Cadet All-American, Junior All-American
-Joe Williams (Calvary Chapel, S): Cadet National Champion, 2X Cadet All-American
-Nikola Dragovic (Rancho Buena Vista, SD): 2X Cadet All-American
-Sven Hafemeister (Lemoore, C): Junior All-American
-Arturo Bausalto (Arroyo Grande, S): Junior All-American
-Mario Estrada (Calvary Chapel, S): Cadet National Champion
-David Roberts (Bear River, SJ): Cadet All-American
-Frank Gill (Calvary Chapel, S): Cadet All-American
-Steve Williams (Vista, SD): Cadet All-American
-Kyle Devan (Vacaville, SJ): Cadet All-American
-Gabe Flores (Madera, C): 2X Cadet All-American
-Danny Cadwallader (Brethren Christian, S): Cadet All-American
-Chad Mendes (Hanford, C): Cadet All-American
-Darren Murphy (Vacaville, SJ): Cadet All-American
-Eddie Locke (Anderson, N): Cadet All-American
-Steve Juarez (North Torrance): Cadet All-American
-Alex Herrera (Bakersfield, C): Cadet All-American
-Roberto Martinez (Natomas, SJ): 2X Jr. All-American
-Juan Ramirez (Rancho Buena Vista, SD): Cadet All-American
-James Hollis (Turlock, SJ): Cadet & Junior All-American
-Tony Franco (Bakersfield, C): Cadet & Junior All-American
-Sam Saunders (Northview, S): Junior All-American
-Joseph Rico (Silver Creek, CC): 2X Cadet All-American
-William Kent (Vacaville, SJ): Cadet All-American

103-Gerrard Contreras (Buchanan, C)
112-Orlando Galvan (Loara, S), 2000 @ 103's
119-Darrell Vasquez (Bakersfield, C), 3X
130-Steve Esparza (Calvary Chapel, S)
135-Juan Mora (Rancho Buena Vista, SD)
140-Mike Gomez (Rosemead, S), Nebraska State Champion 2000
140-Alex Tirapelle (Clovis, C), 3X
145-Miguel Gutierrez (Foothill-Bakersfield, C)
152-Sean Sheets (Centennial-Bakersfield, C)
160-Kenneth Cook (American, NC)
171-Ryan Halsey (Rancho Buena Vista, SD)
189-Conan Williams (Calvary Chapel, S)
189-Beau McCoy (Vacaville, SJ), 2000 @ 189's
215-Allen Kennett (Mayfair, S)
215-Chad Espinoza (Wooster, Nevada), 2X Nevada State Champion

103-Nathan Morgan (Bakersfield, C): 2nd. Place
103-Tran Nguyen (Mt. Carmel, SD): 3rd. Place
103-Brian Coloma (James Logan, NC): 4th. Place *
103-Mario Estrada (Calvary Chapel, S): 5th. Place
103-Angel Wong (Santa Fe, S): 7th. Place *
103-Chad Mendes (Hanford, C): 8th. Place
112-Logan Ingram (Buchanan, C): 2nd. State
112-Gabriel Flores (Madera, C): 3rd. State
112-Joe Streu (Silver Creek, CC): 4th. Place
112-Tony Franco (Bakersfield, C): 5th. Place
112-Jeff Sato (Arroyo Grande, S): 6th. Place
119-Christian Bowerman (Liberty-Brentwood, NC): 3rd. Place
119-Zeke Trevino (Santa Fe, S): 5th. Place 2000 *
119-Josh Galvan (Loara, S): 5th. Place *
119-Patrick Payne (Poway, SD): 6th. Place
119-Nick Leon (Rancho Buena Vista, SD): 7th. Place *
119-Jose Reyes (Brawley, SD): 7th. Place 2000 *
125-Tyler Moran (Temecula Valley, S): 2nd. Place
125-Damon Silva (Lemoore, C): 3rd. Place
125-Eric Fitzpatrick (James Logan, NC): 4th. Place
125-John Jackson (Calvary Chapel, S): 5th. Place
125-Daniel Chapman (Centennial-Bakersfield, C): 5th. Place 2000
125-Ricky Gonzalez (Turlock, SJ): 6th. Place *
125-Doug Yadon (Villa Park, S): 8th. Place
130-Andy Kim (Poway, SD): 2nd. Place
130-David Roberts (Bear River, SJ): 3rd. Place & 6th.
130-Dane Wimmer (Marina, S): 8th. Place *
135-Pacifico Garcia (Clovis, C): 2nd. Place
135-Andrew Spradlin (Bakersfield, C): 3rd. Place
135-Frank Gill (Calvary Chapel, S): 4th. Place
135-Dan Cadwallader (Brethren Christian, S): 6th. Place
135-Scot Garcia (Liberty-Brentwood, NC): 7th. Place
140-Shane Seibert (Madera, C): 2nd. Place
140-Zach Lazzari (Wooster, Nevada): 2nd. Nevada State *
140-Drew East (Bakersfield, C): 3rd. Place
140-Angelo Lago (Temecula Valley, S): 4th. Place
140-Mike Gomez (Rosemead, S): 5th. Place
140-Hector Carrillo (Brawley, SD): 6th. Place
140-Stephen Avila (Anderson, N): 8th. Place *
145-Keith Kroeger (Granite Hills, SD): 2nd. Place
145-Brian Lamay (Capistrano Valley, S): 3rd. Place
145-Dustin Tillman (American, NC): 4th. Place
145-Anthony Baza (Fremont-Sunnyvale, CC): 5th. Place
152-Josh Sherley (Bakersfield, C): 2nd. Place
152-Matt Cook (Poway, SD): 4th. Place
152-A.J. Smith (Imperial, SD): 6th. Place
152-Nick Cotta (Lemoore, C): 7th. Place
160-Jason Reyes (Vacaville, SJ): 3rd. Place
160-Sven Hafenmeister (Lemoore, C): 4th. Place
160-Joe Williams (Calvary Chapel, S): 5th. Place
171-Willie Parks (Calvary Chapel, S): 2nd. Place
171-Grant Barnes (Oak Ridge, SJ): 5th. Place
171-Steve Schwarzer (Wooster, Nevada): 6th. Nevada State *
189-Mazi Burke (North Torrance, S): 3rd. Place
189-Wyatt Howard (Santa Ana, S): 4th. Place
189-Jeff Webster (Centennial-Corona, S): 5th. Place
189-Ralph Garcia (Camarillo, S): 7th. Place
215-Aaron Coman (Temecula Valley, S): 2nd. Place *
215-Sandeep Gosal (James Logan, NC): 6th. Place
215-Darren Murphy (Vacaville, SJ): 7th. Place *
215-Bruce Johnson (Moreno Valley, S): 8th. Place
275-John Murphy (Hanford, C): 6th. Place

*did not place at Five Counties

Orlando Galvan (Loara, S): National Champion
Steve Esparza (Calvary Chapel, S): National Champion
Alex Tirapelle (Clovis, C): National Champion
Kenneth Cook (American, NC): National Champion
Tran Nguyen (Mt. Carmel, SD): 2nd. Place
Ryan Halsey (Rancho Buena Vista, SD): 2nd. Place
Allen Kennett (Mayfair, S): 2nd. Place
Jeff Sato (Arroyo Grande, S): 3rd. Place
Willie Parks (Calvary Chapel, S): 3rd. Place
Tyler Moran (Temecula Valley, S): 4th. Place
Miguel Gutierrez (Foothill-Bakersfield, C): 4th. Place
Andy Kim (Poway, SD): 5th. Place
Dustin Tillman (American, NC): 6th. Place
Chase Gormley (Torrance, S): 6th. Place

The following is the list of 2001-02 Toughest Tournaments in the Nation


1. Reno Tournament of Champions (Nevada)
2. Ironman Invitational (Ohio)
3. Beast of the East (Delaware)
4. Five Counties Invitational (Southern California)
5. Bethlehem Holiday Tournament (Pennsylvania)
6. Geary Invitational (Oklahoma)
7. Medina Invitational (Ohio)
8. Geneseo (Illinois)
9. Minnesota Christmas Tournament (Minnesota)
10. Charles City Duals (Iowa)

PowerAde Christmas Tournament (Pennsylvania)
Easton-Phillipsburg National High School Duals (Pennsylvania)
Manheim Holiday Tournament Pennsylvania)
Clovis "Doc Buchanan" Invitational (Central California)
Perry Tournament (Oklahoma)
Virginia Duals (Virginia)


Region-1 (AK, AZ, CA, CO, HI, ID, MT, NM, NV, OR, UT, WA, WY)
ASICS Sierra Nevada Classic (Nevada)
California Invitational Tournament-C.I.T. (Southern California)
Clovis West "Shoot-out" Duals (Central California)
Cougar Classic "Canyon Springs" (Southern California)
El Cajon Invitational (Southern California)
Flowing Wells (Arizona)
Mid-Cal Invitational (California)
North Idaho Tri-State (Idaho)
Rocky Mountain Rumble (Utah)
Tiger-Grizzly Tournament (Idaho)
Uintah (Utah)

Region-2 (IA, IL, KS, MN, MO, NE, ND, OK, SD, TX, WI)
Bi-State Classic (Wisconsin)
Glen Bard (Illinois)
Granite City Holiday Tournament (Illinois)
Lee's Summit (Missouri)
Oakville (Missouri)
Platte County (Missouri)
Raytown South (Missouri)

Region-3 (AL, DE, FL, GA, KY, LO, MD, NC, NJ, SC, TN, VA, WV)
Brook Wendy Classic (West Virginia)
Capital Challenge (Virginia)
Deep Creek (Virginia)
Eagle Holiday Classic (Virginia)
Greeneville Invitational (Tennessee)
Mid-South Classic (Tennessee)
Miller Mott Invitational (North Carolina)
Tiger Holiday Classic (North Carolina)

Region-4 (CT, IN, MA, ME, MI, NH, NY, OH, PA, RI, VT)
Alliance Top Gun (Ohio)
Becksville Holiday Tournament (Ohio)
Hammond Invitational (Maryland)
Jeff Reese Memorial (New York)
Midwest (Ohio)
Northeast Christmas Classic (Massachusetts)

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