Ckiff Keen/World of WrestlingNational Youth Wrestling Rankings As of 1-1-11

This elite group is comprised of five age groups and seventy-two weight classes. Each individual athlete‚s selection is based primarily upon their performance in the nation‚s largest wrestling events. Until the criteria, such as 1,250 participants from at least 20 different states represented are set in place, the following tournaments will be used; the Cliff Keen Amarillo Nationals, the Cliff Keen Kickoff Classic, the Cliff Keen Tulsa Nationals, and the Cliff Keen Reno Worlds, along with 3 wild card tournaments, The USJOC, Liberty Nationals and Ohio TOC.

These rankings will not be based on popularity, area competed in, or who beat who just a plain and simple point system (like our World All Star Team) earned by your athlete‚s placement in each of these National Tournaments. We are very excited to pick the best in the Nation as we see it today!
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