The organization shall be known as Eagle Wrestling Club or EWC of MSLA, and shall at all times be operated and conducted as a non-profit in accordance with the laws of the State of Montana.

The objectives of the EWC of MSLA are to promote wrestling at all levels, to ensure the continuation of and improve upon, opportunities for safe competition with exposure to various styles of wrestling. It is the intent that the EWC of MSLA will be able to meet these objectives by creating opportunities in wrestling for the youngest of wrestlers (5 yr) thru High School / Jr. College and, along with their coaches, parents, and fans to encourage their continued participation in their sport as they advance through their lives.

The EWC OF MSLA Board of Directors will oversee the operations of the EWC of MSLA; its participants and coaches; establish expectations; enforce rules; maintain record keeping; promote fiscal responsibility; and promote the sport of wrestling in the Missoula Community.

EWC OF MSLA promotes the sport of wrestling, by promoting collaboration between coaches, parents, and youth in the sport of wrestling. The coaches teach the youth to develop in the techniques of the sport, promote discipline and hard work both physically and scholastically while they challenge youth to champion sportsmanship.

It is our responsibility to encourage growth beyond the youth level and to work towards supporting the overall Big Sky High School Wrestling program.
Coaches and EWC OF MSLA Board of Directors are committed to:
Assisting wrestlers in determining their level of commitment and meeting or exceeding that level
Winning and losing with pride, dignity, and respect for self, team, individuals, and opponents
Providing frequent positive feedback
Short Term Goals:
Increasing team size
Increasing competitive level opportunities
Promoting Fun and Sportmanship on and off the Mat
Increasing community support and attendance at home and away duals
Increasing parental support for their individual wrestler(s) and the program as a whole

Long Term Goals
Increase operating budget to pay for coaching staff’s travel expenses
Increase operating budget to fund EWC OF MSLA and EWC Talon needs such as clinics, camp scholarships, tournaments as well as normal program expenses
Strengthen our EWC TALON Presence at USAW tournaments
Develop a corporate sponsorship program
Feed experienced wrestlers into Big Sky High School’s wrestling program


SECTION 1- Membership
All wrestlers are required to be members of EWC of MSLA along with paying annual membership fees which will be determined by the Board of Directors. Liability waiver forms are also required along with medical information. Each family group will receive 1 vote at annual election meetings.

Registration, liability waivers and fees are also required for EWC Talon. EWC paid members will receive a discounted fee to participate in Talon and the fee will be determined by the Board of Directors. The fee will include the required USAW card fee.
Big Sky High School Wrestlers or non-EWC members wishing to participate in EWC Talon will be required to pay Talon Registration fees as determined by the Board of Directors. Part of the fee will include the required USAW card fee. Talon only members will have no voting rights.

SECTION 2 –Participation in Approved Wrestling Programs
EWC OF MSLA Little Guy Wrestling Program
EWC Little Guy Program is open to wrestlers in grades 1st--8th based on age/grade level during the wrestling season. EWC participates in Western Montana Little Guy Program during their 6 week program and is subject to WMLG By Laws, Rules and Regulations. Open registration occurs in January prior to the start of the season in February. Board of Directors may offer an early registration to existing members prior to Open Registration. Presentation of a copy of the wrestler’s birth certificate and completion of membership application, medical information, and liability waiver by wrestlers parent or legal guardian is required prior to practice and tournament participation. EWC OF MSLA will target wrestlers for the Little Guy Program from schools that feed into Big Sky High School. EWC OF MSLA will welcome any wrestler who meets the registration requirements and pays the membership fees as required. EWC OF MSLA will not recruit from other area Little Guy Wrestling Programs.

EWC Talon—USAW and AAU Wrestling Programs
All EWC of MSLA members may participate in USAW and AAU tournaments under EWC Talon. EWC Talon has additional membership requirements and fees as approved by the Board of Directors. All EWC Talon wrestlers must register with USAW and said d membership is subject to USAW rules and regulations. Presentation of a copy of the wrestler’s birth certificate and completion of membership application, medical information, liability waiver by wrestlers parent or legal guardian and payment of Talon fee is required prior to practice and tournament participation.

SECTION 1-Board of Directors
The business and property of EWC OF MSLA shall be managed and controlled by the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors shall consist of a President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, 2 Coach / Parent Seats and Head Coach. As EWC of MSLA grows, two additional coach / parent seats may be made available to further support EWC of MSLA functions and events. At the Board of Directors’ discretion, the Secretary and Treasurer positions may be combined. The Board of Directors will meet monthly to manage all EWC OF MSLA business.

SECTION 2 – Selection / Removal of Board of Directors
Each position will be nominated by an existing Board Member and approval to the board position will be voted on by the entire EWC membership during an annual meeting. Positions will be held for 2 year terms and will be alternating to ensure that ½ of the positions will be up for election annually. Elections will be held at the conclusion of the WMLG EWC season and terms will run from May to April to allow for planning for the upcoming seasons. In the case of any vacancy in the Board of Directors by death, resignation, or disqualification, the remaining directors by affirmative vote of majority may elect a successor to serve. Disqualification is described as removal from the Board of Directors by affirmative vote of two-thirds of all the Directors at any regular or special meeting for that purpose for nonfeasance, malfeasance, or misfeasance, for conduct detrimental to the interests of EWC OF MSLA, for refusal to render reasonable assistance in carrying out its purposes or is absent without advanced excuse for three times during a calendar year from meetings. Any officer proposed to be removed shall be entitled to at least five days notice stating the reasons therefore, of the meeting of the Board of Directors in which such movement is to be voted upon and shall be entitled to appear before and be heard at said meeting.

SECTION 3– Duties of Board of Directors
The Board of Directors shall have the power and authority to make, amend, repeal and enforce such rules and regulations, not contrary to the law or these by-laws, as they may deem expedient concerning the conduct, management and activities of the EWC OF MSLA. Committees shall be established from time to time and be empowered to achieve the goals as determined by the Board of Directors. Permanent committees may be established in the future to achieve EWC OF MSLA’s goals as determined by the Board of Directors.

Initiate and provide leadership for all EWC OF MSLA wrestling programs, acts, in conjunction with the Head Coach, as liaison to the Western Montana Little Guy Wrestling and Big Sky High athletic director and keep the state organizations informed of all events and policies, coordinate activities between and within the various levels of the wrestling programs. The President is the spokesperson for the club; he/she presides over Board of Directors Meetings, coordinates meeting agendas, and is co-signor on the Club bank account in accordance with the approval of fiscal spending set by expectations of the Board of Directors.

Vice President
Coordinate and provide leadership for the EWC OF MSLA programs, organize schedules and the Vice President will coordinate with the fundraising committees. Fulfill the role of President in the President’s absence.

Maintain an EWC OF MSLA mailing list, minutes of all general membership meetings, minutes of all Board of Directors meetings. Communicate with committee heads, mail necessary information to the membership in a timely fashion. Maintain current membership and charter records. Distribute forms and supplies as needed.

Maintain accounts and records of all monies received and expended for EWC OF MSLA, monitor fiscal allocations, provide an annual financial statement of the financial business of the EWC OF MSLA at the meetings, and provide updated financial budgets to the President or Board of Directors as requested for the Board of Directors meetings. If deemed necessary by the Board of Directors, the treasurer will give bond for the faithful performance of their duties and as insurance against the misappropriation of funds. The bond shall be in sums and with the sureties that the Board of Directors shall determine.

Head Coach (Preferably BSHS Head Coach)
The Head Coach is a member of the Board of Directors who executes the administrative coordination of duties, involved in coordinating sign up, completing documentation for Western Montana Little Guy Wrestling (brackets, coaches) and other duties as assigned by the Board. The Head Coach votes only in the event as a tiebreaker
Coaching / Parent Seats (2)

The Board of Directors will appoint any combination of 2 Seats with Coaches or Active Parents (Active Parents are defined as a Parent who participates in fundraising events, tournament support, or other support to the benefit of EWC OF MISSOULA
Coaching Seat

In conjunction with the Head Coach, will determine practice schedules and locations, assessment requirements for placement of wrestlers; all training and coaching functions during practice and tournaments. Will coordinate with other coaching staff.
Parent Seat will assist with EWC OF MSLA support as directed.

ARTICLE 4 – Finances
SECTION 1—Accounting
Beginning with the 2009-2010 Wrestling Season, EWC OF MSLA and EWC Talon require separate budgets and accounting records. Membership fees for EWC OF MSLA will be kept separate from EWC TALON. Each set of financials will be presented at monthly Board of Director meetings. All checks and reimbursement requests should be presented to the appropriate approval authority. All accounting shall be done accurately and timely so as to keep the Board of Directors informed of all financial operations of EWC OF MSLA. If deemed necessary, the books and records may be presented to a Certified Public Accountant or other accountant for an audit or review. EWC of MSLA and EWC Talon will operate within approved budgets.

SECTION 2-Budgeting
EWC OF MSLA will create an annual budget of proposed income and proposed expenditures for each year. The budget will be approved by the Board of Directors by October for the coming year. Each fundraising event (golf tournament, clinic, banquet, and tournament) should be able to support itself and be profitable for the EWC OF MSLA. This requires separate short term budgets being created for each event based on needs of said event.

SECTION 1a-Income Generating Events-not all inclusive
Corporate Sponsors
EWC OF MSLA Logo Sales (T-Shirts, Window Clings, etc)
Annual Golf Tournament
Hosted Tournaments

SECTION 1b-Expense Generating Events—not all inclusive
EWC OF MSLA Logo Sale Productions
Coaching Staff for Clinics and Camps
Uniforms for Wrestlers & Coaches
Facility Use Fees
Reimbursement to Coaching Staff for travel expenses to tournaments
Liability Insurance
Entry Fees for Tournaments for Club, Wrestlers and Coaches
Scholarships to wrestlers for camps and clinics

SECTION 3—Conducted Transactions
Contracts-Only the Board of Directors may authorize contracts on the part of the organization. Contracts are defined as any verbal or written agreement where EWC OF MSLA is required to pay monies or provide services.
Loans-No loans may be contracted on behalf of the Club, and no evidence of indebtedness shall be issued in its name.
Checks- All checks need approval of President or Vice President.
Deposits – All funds for the Club shall be deposited immediately - to the credit of the Club in such banks or other depositories as the Board of Directors may direct.
Uniform Deposits – EWC OF MSLA shall provide a uniform for each Little Guy Wrestler upon receipt of a check deposit. The check will be held un-deposited during the Little Guy Wrestling Program and will be returned upon receipt of the uniform by EWC OF MSLA. Parents or Guardians will have 1 week from the end of the Little Guy Season to return the uniform. If uniform is not returned, the check will be deposited into EWC OF MSLA’s account. EWC Talon wrestlers may use the EWC singlet as their required Blue singlet provided that the required Memberships to EWC of MSLA, EWC Talon, and USAW are up to date and EWC of MSLA is in receipt of the required deposit. EWC Talon wrestlers must return the singlet immediately upon completion of EWC of MSLA’s participation in USAW / AAU tournaments.

SECTION 4 – Reimbursements for EWC OF MSLA Expenses
All reimbursable expenses must have prior approval of the Board of Directors. Emergency needs must have authorization of the President and Vice President. At no time will EWC OF MSLA issue a reimbursement to a member for unauthorized purchases done without EWC OF MSLA’s Board of Directors authority and approval.

No part of the earnings of the EWC OF MSLA shall be to the benefit of or be distributed to it’s Board of Directors or other private persons, except that the corporation shall be authorized and empowered to pay reasonable compensation for services rendered and to make payments and distributions in furtherance of the purposes set forth. Under no circumstances will an EWC Board Member or Coach, Big Sky High School Coach or Manager’s Coach, or EWC Talon Coach for be paid for coaching or volunteer services.

SECTION 1 – Method of Procedures – Any member or members having a complaint against another member for the infraction of any provision of these bylaws or Club rules, as for conduct injurious to the welfare of the Club, may report the same in writing to the Board of Directors. Such complaint shall set forth the facts in the case, together with the names of the witnesses, if any. After receiving such complaint, a meeting of the Board of Directors shall be held as soon as practicable to investigate the same. The complainant or complainants, and the member of the complains of, shall receive at least seven (7) days notice, of such meeting and may be heard with their witnesses.

SECTION 1 – The club has the right and duty to protect all parties involved with the organization but more importantly, the children. Therefore the club has the right and duty to perform background checks on all coaches and Board of Directors members if a need arises.
SECTION 2 – All background checks will be kept confidential and discussed in executive session only.
SECTION 3 – If anything detrimental is discovered in the background check, the person shall be notified in writing by the President. A meeting of all officers and coaches will be held within two (2) weeks of notice and a vote of removal must be held at the meeting.

These By-Laws may be altered, amended or repealed and new By-Laws may be adopted by a 2/3 vote of present, registered members of Eagle Wrestling Club at any regular meeting.

Proposed Revisions 9/30/2009