BORN JULY 6 ,1872
MARRIED JAN 24 ,1894
DIED JAN 2, 1933

BORN MARCH 7, 1877
DIED FEB. 22, 1974


Family history of: James Samuel Gaines (as told by Minnie Evelyn Gaines Bryant)

James Samuel Gaines was born July 5, 1872 and Evalina Catherine Coker was born March 7, 1877. Both born in Manchester community near Clarksville, Texas in Red River County. They were married February 24, 1894 in Blossom, Texas, Lamar County. To this union were born 10 children--5 died during childhood or infancy. The five surviving include (in order of their birth)

Herbert Leslie Gaines-born Feb. 11, 1897
Roy Monroe (Red) Gaines-born Nov. 7th, 1899
Lady Gaines-born June 30, 1905; died Oct. 18, 1967
Minnie Evelyn Gaines-born Sept. 1, 1917
Betty Roberta Gaines-born Feb. 22, 1920

The five who died were born between Lady and Minnie Evelyn. Only two of their names are known by me: Alvin Gaines and James Samuel Gaines, Jr. Herbert, Red, Lady, and Alvin (?) were born to my parents while they were living in Red River and Lamar Counties. Dad operated a weighing station in Paris, Texas, sometime during this period.

My parents left the Paris area and traveled by covered wagon to West Texas and lived for sometime in Fort Stockton in Pecos County. Dad and some relative purchased two sections of land in Upton County, north of Rankin, Texas. The land included what was then the town site of Upton which no longer exists. Sometime later the land was sold and Dad moved his family to Altus, Oklahoma. I do not know how long they resided there. It is my understanding that one child died during that time and is buried there.

The family moved from Altus, Oklahoma to Tulia, Texas, Swisher County. While there, Dad farmed and operated a grocery store in connection with a wagon yard. During their stay here, one child died and was buried in the Tulia cemetery. While living in Tulia, Minnie Evelyn and Betty Roberta were born.

In March 1908 the J. Sam Gaines family left Paris, Texas in a chartered railroad car to move to Tulia, Texas.

In 1923 our family moved from Tulia to Palmer county, Texas and settled in the Hub community south of Friona, Texas where Dad farmed for one year. During that time Lady Gaines was married to Shallie Barbee.

In the spring of 1924, our family moved from the Hub community to Bovina, Texas. My Dad bought a hardware store and operated it with the assistance of Roy Monroe Gaines for a period of time. They moved to another location in Bovina and Dad continued to operate the business, with the assistance of Lady Gaines Barbee until his death on June 2, 1933. After Dad's death Lady continued to manage the store for my mother, Evalina Catherine Gaines. Lady passed away in October 1967. Betty Roberta Gaines Mager and her husband Neal continued to operate the business after Lady's death.

My mother, Evalina Catherine Gaines, died in February 1974. She would have been 97 years old in March of the year. The business which had been in operation for 50 years was sold and ceased to exist. I will remember forever the slogan thought up by my father, James Samuel Gaines, written in bold letters across the store front, "Nothing knocks on Bovina But Opportunity." These were his sentiments during the dark days of the depression when the economy of our country was on the downgrade. Dad did not live to see our country recover but he firmly believed that it would.


Granny Gaines

Mrs. Gaines died at 2 p.m. Tuesday at Palmer County Community Hospital in Friona after
suffering an apparent heart attack at her home.

"Granny", as she was known to most residents of the area, would have been 97 on March 7.1980 A native of Lamar County, she moved from Swisher County to Bovina,Texas. Mrs. Gaines, her husband, the late J. Sam Gaines, and their children moved to Bovina in 1924 from Tulia where they had operated a wagon yard, feed, and grocery store.

Upon arriving in Bovina in 1924, the family leased some land and farmed one year before moving into Bovina. At that time, only a grocery store, blacksmith, and two service stations remained after a fire had gutted the town in 1921. The family established Gaines Hardware in early 1925 and it has been operated continuously by a member of the family since that time.

In 1967 in an interview with Allen Crittendon of the Amarillo Daily news, Mrs Gaines recalled, "We used to have to drive to Amarillo in a pickup truck to get merchandise. We always drove to Canyon and spent the night with friends, then got up early the next morning and drove into Amarillo and made the long trip back home that night. That big hill between Amarillo and Canyon worried us, but we always seemed to make it."

When her husband died in June 1933, their daughter, the late Mrs. Lady Gaines Armstrong, kept the store running in the same family tradition until her death in October 1967. Then another daughter, Mrs. Roberta Mager, and her husband Neal returned to Bovina to continue the Gaines family tradition.

Granny Gaines' birthday was celebrated for over 20 years with a luncheon and afternoon of visiting when relatives and friends from Bovina, other towns, and several states called upon her.

Giles B. Calhoun

Mary F. Irvine Calhoun - 1820-1894

The Calhoun's moved to Red River County Texas about one year before the birth of Tennessee. Mary died about six weeks after her child Florence was born, she is buried in the Old City Cemetary. Giles sold his Manchester land and moved to Lamar County Texas. He settled near the Seven Mile Creek, a little southeast of Paris Golf and Country Club, Blossen Community. He married a second time to a women named Neal, she has a son, Jim, from a previous marriage. Giles and Neal had three children, Letha, Billy and Percy, they owned a shoe store in Paris, Texas.

The Old Calhoun Family
(before Giles B. Calhoun - 1700-?

The Calhouns were believed to be originally from Scotland or Ireland. The elder Calhoun came to this country (US) and worked three years or so before sending for his family.

The Calhoun's lived in Florence, Tennessee, where they owned and lived on a large plantation. The Calhoun's had many slaves, and were growers of tabacco. (James W. Booth, a grandson said the plantation was in Alabama.) The family fled their home in Tennessee due to a misunderstanding with the federal government over a tabacco tax. They said the slaves begged to come with them but the Calhouns said they were in enough trouble and they could not ride with them but could follow on foot at their own will. It is not known if the slaves came to Texas. It is believed they moved during or just before the Civil War.

Granny Gaines (Evalina Catherine Gaines) Father Charles Coker and Descendants

Descendants of Charles Coker

1 Charles Coker b:Abt. 1828 in Georgia or Tenn. Died: 1895 in or arround Paris, Lamar Co.,Texas Burial Place:Texas, Lamar Co., Paris, Providence Cem, SE section (01)
Mary :Abt 1828 Died: Bef.1880

2 Howel Coker b: Abt. 1854 in Texas
2 James Coker b: 1855 in Texas
2 Charles Washington Coker b: 1858
2 Joseph Coker b: Abt. 1861
Grace Coker b: Abt. 1863 Died : 1922 Burial Place: Texas, Lamar Co., Paris, Providence Cem, SE sec (03 Welch b: Unknown Died: Unknown
2 Rebecca Coker b: Abt: 1866
2nd Wife of Charles Coker:
Elizabeth ? b: Abt: 1845 in Tenn. m: Aft: 1872 Died: 1893 in or arround Paris, Lamar Co., Texas Burial Place: Texas, Lamar Co., Paris, Providence Cem, SE sec ( 02)
2 Charles C. Coker b: Abt: 1875 in Texas ( Tomstone shows born 1874) Died: 1958 in Paris, Lamar Co., Texas Burial place: Texas, Lamar Co., Paris, Providence Cem, NE
Lauar Edeler Rogers b: October 31, 1876 in Texas m: Abt. 1898 Died: 1958 in Paris, Lamar co., Texas Burial Place: Texas, Lamar Co., Paris, Providence Cem, NE

3 Infant Dau. Coker b: November 06, 1897 Died: November 06, 1897 Burial Place: Texas, Lamar Co., Union Grove, NW sec unmarked
3 Robert Coker b: Abt. 1899  Died: Bef. 1996
3 Mable Coker b: Abt. 1901 Died: Bef. 1996
Walker   m: Unknown Died: Unknown
Claude (may be Judge) Coker b: Abt. 1904 Died: Bef. 1996
3 Curtis Coker b: Abt. 1907 Died: Bef. 1996
3 Ralph Coker b: Abt. 1910 Died Bef. 1996
3 Howard "Booger" Coker b. Aft. 1910
3 Fay Coker b: Aft. 1910 Died : Aft. 1996
Coplin b:Unknown m: Unknown
3 Anna Mae Coker b: May 12, 1911 Died: Feburary 18, 1996 in St Joseph Hospital, Paris, Lamar Co., Texas Burial Place: Texas, Lamar Co., south of Roxton, Restland Cem, Center NW (3)
Willie F. jones b: 1911 m: June 02, 1932 Died : July 22, 1956 in Paris, Lamar Co., Texas Burial Place: Texas, Lamar Co., south of Roxton, Restland Cem., Center NW (3)
2nd husband of Anna Mae Coker:
Jack Holt b:Unknown m: January 09, 1967 Died: February 25, 1987

2 Claud Pallock Coker b: December 1875 in Texas Died: 1949 in Norman, Cleveland: Burial Place: Ok. Grady Co., Tuttle , Fairview Cem. Sec. H
Will Etta (Ella) Ewer b: August 28, 1877 in Lamar Co., Texas m: June 24, 1896 in Paris, Lamar co., Texas Died: May 26, 1936 in Tuttle, Grady Co., Ok. Burial Place: Ok., Tuttle, Fairview Cem. Sec. H
3 Vera Levie Coker B b: December 1897 in Tuttle, Grady Co., Ok Died in Texas
Luther Sydney Clark b: Unknown m: Unknown Died: Unknown in Texas
3 Charles Marshal Coker b: December 30, 1898 in Texas Died: September 18, 1985 in Hayward, Alameda Co., Ca. Burial Place: Ok,Grady Co., Tuttle, Fairview Cem. Sec. E
Mary Appeline Munsell b: June 10, 1908 m: Unknown Died: October 27, 1996 in Hayward, Alameda Co., Ca.
3 Roy Coker b: August 12, 1901 Died: December 1973 in St. Elmo, Il Burial Place: St. Elmo
Aline ? b: Unknown m: Unknown
3 Fred Coker b: September 19, 1909 Died: November 28, 1995 in Napa Valley Ca.
Metta Jo ? b: Unknown in Minco, Ok m: Unknown
3 Claudia Norine Coker b: October 1913 in Tuttle, Grady Co., Ok
Robert Carl Smith b: Unknown m: Unknown in Seminola, Ok.
3 Mary Gerladine Coker b: November 1915 in Tuttle, Grady Co., Ok. Died: Unknown
Ray Hose b: Unknown Died; Unknown
2 Evalina Coker b: 1879
2 Ira Coker b: 1879
2 Bettie Coker b: 1886 in Texas